Sonny – Vocals
Mathias – Guitar
Björn – Bass
Emil – Drums

In 2003 Mathias Henrysson, guitarist and singer of Cudfish, recorded some demos this resulted in two songs. After teaming up with vocalist Sonny Jonasson (Komotio, Crustum) and guitarist Kimmo Holappa,  (ex- Demon Cleaner) the decision was made to form what was to become Chainwreck. A kick-ass bassplayer, Björn Tauman (Cudfish, Without Grief) then joined the crew and this unit came to terms with a deadly groove and intricate melodies right away.

By this time, gigs had already been booked. The band was still clearly short of a drummer, but hey, what the hell, you gotta go where the action is! Fortunately, Magnus Karlsson (Cudfish, Renessaince of fools, Thalamus) stepped in to hammer those old skins. He later on left the band, due to other duties. Olle Mårthans (Dozer, ex- Walking Worm Colony, Caveto) was the perfect replacement and came along for the ride with Chainwreck, which was about to lead headfirst into the studio. In late 2004, Chainwreck paid a visit to producer Tommy Tägtgren`s wellknown Studio Abyss and recorded its very first promo entitled ”This act of anger”.

In february 2005 the quintet parted ways with guitarrist Kimmo Holappa. A long-time friend, Henrik Palm (Sonic ritual, In Solitude, ex- Walking Worm Colony, Caveto) , raised his axe and became the newest addition to the Chainwreck family. During 2005 they once again entered Studio Abyss and recorded their self-titled debut album, a creation absolutely packed with pummeling metal with a mean twist of melody every now and then. It was released in May 2006 on Indie-label ADR-Production. It received good reviews and manifested Chainwreck as an actor to be reckoned for real.

In January 2006 Olle left the band due to music-studies in Stockholm, which made it difficult for him to stay on the drumstool in Chainwreck. Once again, the hunt for a killer dude behind the battery was on, and this time the shit really hit the fan…in a good way. Emil Lantz (The Spookshow, ex- Bonedivers, International sinners, Brazen riot) joined Chainwreck by the time of March 2006.

In July 2006 Henrik Palm left the band. Chainwreck then continued as a four-piece with Mathias handling all the guitar duties.

Six months later the now well-established quartet went into Black Lounge Studio together with the talented producer Jonas Kjellgren. The three song-promo, entitled ”Silence equals death” has been spread worldwide and its songs are included on the, second Chainwreck album ”A season of hates perfection”. The bandmembers produced it themselves, and let Jonas Kjellgren handle the finishing touches such as mixing and mastering. It`s  a massive, unpredictable slob of majestic metal with a raw and wicked sense of brutality. Expect everything, prepare for anything.

In 2008 Chainwreck signed a distribution deal with ISMA and that made it possible for people to buy Chainwreck music worldwide.

In 2009 the second fullength album ”A season of hates perfection” was released and the band continued to play shows in Scandinavia. The album was very well received by the fans and got some really good reviews.

The past is present and the future is here. Waiting to let all hell break loose.  So are Chainwreck.